Accident at Work Compensation – Who Will Pay

There is a very detailed list of laws in the UK concerning health and safety in the workplace. These laws are given by the HSE or the Health and Safety Executive which controls the access and utilisation of dangerous materials, equipment handling and noise related issues in the workplace. If your employer fails to uphold these laws then they are accountable to give accident at work compensation to the injured or ill ridden employees under their responsibilities.

However, not all accidents at work are cause by the employees’ negligence. Some are cause by the negligence of other employees as well. So it is possible that you can claim for accident at work compensation against both parties or individual who is responsible for the injuries you sustained.

Some accident at work that you can claim for

Here are some of the accidents at work where you can get an accident at work compensation from your employer, co-worker or both:

• If you suffered from bone fractures due to accident cause by heavy machineries because of appropriate protection and supervision.

• Falling from high places like scaffolding and gaining bone dislocation or broken bones in the process.

• Suffering from chemical burns due to inappropriate use of chemicals because of lack of training and comprehension.

• Slipping or tripping due to wet or poorly maintained floors

A lot of workplace injuries are not listed above. But you can check out the website of the HSE for the detailed list of injuries that you can claim accident at work compensation with.

How to obtain your accident at work Claims compensation

If you’ve been a victim of any kind of work related accidents and if you are not to blame for it then you can make an accident at work claim against the responsible individuals or organisation that is liable for the accident in question. Here are the steps to take in order to make a claim for work accidents:

1. Notify your employer about the accident

You need to inform your boss about the accident because they are obliged to report it to the HSE if it’s fatal enough or if it takes more than 3 days for you to recover. It is also their basis to make new regulations to prevent the same accident from happening again in the future.

2.Record the accident in the company’s accident book

You need to make sure that the accident is recorded in the accident book. This is to guarantee that you have evidence to support that your claim is genuine. The accident book is material evidence in making a work accident claim that is vital for your claim case.

3. Seek medical assistance

You need to see the doctor immediately right after the accident to examine your injuries. He or she will assess the injuries and will advice you on what kind of treatment or medication you have to take. Their report is also essential in calculating the amount of accident at work compensation you are going to get.

4. Hire a competent work accident claim solicitor

It will be ideal to hire a solicitor to handle your work accident claim. They will guide you on the things to do and will handle all the necessary legal documents to pursue your claim.

Obtaining the accident at work compensation you deserve is a simple process as long as you have the proofs to support your claim. An accident claim solicitor can help you with this.

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