Sample Paralegal Cover Letter – These Tips Can Make a Big Difference

If you are applying for a paralegal position, it is a good idea to search for a sample paralegal cover letter to get you started. There are thousands of sample paralegal cover letters out there, but the task falls on you to find the best one that will be the most suitable guide for your personal cover letter. The World Wide Web makes it that much easier to find what you are looking for. It is as simple as searching “How To Write a Paralegal Cover Letter” into a search engine and watching what happens. Google yielded 73,900 search results alone. Now that you have uncovered the treasure trove of sample paralegal cover letters, you must find the one that will most help you.

Keep in mind that there are sample paralegal cover letters for new paralegals and experienced paralegals alike. Both are your initial contact with your potential employer and therefore should be clear, concise, and professional. In addition, chances are that your potential employer, or whoever is in charge of hiring new personnel, are extraordinarily busy. Therefore, you should refrain from using a sample paralegal cover letter full of filler content that will contribute to quantity as opposed to quality.

A sample should never be simply copied and pasted and used as your own work. Chances are that employers have seen several of those on a daily basis. Also, you shouldn’t always trust websites, as there is always the chance that the sample paralegal cover letter contains grammatical errors and typos. Employers want to see your own work and get to know your writing style and the work, which you are capable of performing. Therefore, a sample paralegal cover letter should be used as a guide to highlight your own personal qualities. You should find a sample paralegal cover letter that has a format, which includes your name, address, date, the name of the person that you are contacting as well as their title, the company to which you are applying and a professional salutation.

For a new paralegal, look for an example with a format that will highlight more of your education, personal qualities, and work ethic, rather than experience, since your work experience is likely limited. For an experienced paralegal, try to find a format that highlights your work experience, skills, achievements, and how you would contribute positively to their company. Stay away from samples that tend to repeat the format of a resume and focus on selling yourself as an employee and as an individual.

If you are fortunate enough to have your letter read, you do not want to ruin it with a lack-luster conclusion or worse yet, leaving it out altogether. The closing paragraph is as important as the body of the letter, as it contains important information. It is your opportunity to thank your potential employer up front for their time and consideration. It is also the venue in which you leave your contact information should a face to face interview be warranted, as well as where you include that references are also available upon request before you close your letter.

It is important to find a sample paralegal cover letter that includes all of these key points for you to write a successful, meaningful and memorable letter.

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