Common Accidents in the Workplace

The workplace is meant to be a harm-free environment, yes it can be stressful at times, but it is supposed to be a safe place. However, there are some times when someone does get hurt on the job. A workplace injury can happen in any type of work environment whether it’s an office, warehouse, or a construction site. So, what are the most common workplace injuries and what can you do to help prevent injuries in your office?

One common injury is a fall. This goes for just about any and all types of work environments. When someone falls it can normally result in sprains, strains, broken bones, and sometimes death. Falls are the number one cause of work related deaths. There are a few things you can do to try to avoid falls in your workplace. If you have to hang something or reach something on a high self, do not stand on a chair or a desk. These items can be unstable and were not built to properly hold up an adult. Instead, use a step ladder or a tall ladder depending on how high you need to be. When using a ladder or step stool make sure you are on a level surface and have someone help keep it steady while you climb up to where you need to be. If you work somewhere like a construction site or are on scaffolding all day, be sure to use the proper safety harnesses and wear them properly while up in high places. Check to make sure that all ladders, step stools, and harnesses aren’t damaged or compromised in any way. By checking you will be that much safer when reaching high.

Another major type of accident that results in injury is either a slip or a trip. These accidents sometimes coincide with falling accidents, but even when they don’t, they can still be a great danger in the workplace. Whether you are in a cubical, an open office floor plan, or have your own office, you should make sure that any and all chords are tucked safely away. Not only will this look nicer, but it will help prevent anyone from tripping over a chord and becoming injured. If there simply is no way to keep chords out of walk ways, you should buy something to help make them less of a hazard. A quick fix is running them under a rug, but even that can cause someone to trip.

They do make hard plastic covers that go over your chords creating a small speed-bump-like surface so no one can trip on it. If you do decide to do a rug and are placing it on wood, tile, or cement, you will want to make sure the rug won’t slip out from under people accidentally while walking. Perhaps your chords are out of the way and you think you have nothing to worry about, well if you have wood, tile, or cement flooring, you will want to watch out for any liquid spills, or spills of objects that roll or moved easily. Say a pen is on the floor, even on carpet, someone could step on it just the right way and roll their ankle. Use signs that warn co-workers and others that the ground is wet or slippery.

Keeping your workplace safe is very important, if not, it could result in injuries that can sometimes be fatal. These are just two of the common workplace accidents there are several other different types. You can call us or just visit our website for free ladder fall claims. In general, use your common sense and take the proper safety precautions to keep your environment safe. If you are the business owner or manager, take a look at your business insurance policy to see what work related injuries it covers and if you have a worker’s compensation policy.

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